You choose the amount of time and pressure that works for you.

Regional Massage

A Regional Massage is a site-specific therapeutic massage. The focus of this treatment will be on specific areas of the body and will incorporate deep advanced techniques with the goal of increased range of motion and decreased pain.

Swedish Massage

Also known as a Relaxation Massage. The focus of this therapeutic massage is to promote relaxation and help reduce tension held in the body.

Sports Massage

A Sports Massage is perfect for an athlete during training, or to enhance future endeavors. The massage is a combination of deep tissue massage, stretching and range of motion techniques focused on the areas most stressed by activity.

Massages may include hot stones or cupping depending on needs and/or requests during therapy appointment. The amount of pressure you receive will be discussed prior to any therapy session.

We offer exceptional massage therapy services targeted for the active adult.

If you wish to learn more about our services or want to schedule an appointment, you may reach out to us via phone, email or our online scheduler.

Choose Appointment

The type of massage will be based on consultation with the therapist during your scheduled appointment


Massage  30 minutes @ $45.00
Massage  1 hour @ $80.00
Massage  1 hour 30 minutes @ $105.00

Purchase a gift of a half hour, one-hour or ninety minute massage for someone special, or for yourself!

Massage (Gift Card – 1/2 hour) @ $45.00
Massage (Gift Card – 1 hour) @ $80.00
Massage (Gift Card – 1.5 hours) @ $105.00


Free Nutrition Coaching Consultation  30 minutes

Nutrition Coaching Package  $85.00/per month

This coaching package includes:

  • 1-hour initial 1:1 intake/on-boarding meeting (phone call or on-line)
  • Individualized nutrition goals based on personal goals
  • Membership into an easy-to-use online personalized ProCoach Nutrition program, which contains simple daily practices and habits
  • Weekly ½ hour 1:1 coaching call (phone calls or zoom)
  • Easy email access to nutrition coach
  • AND, of course, access to the best cheerleader and coach that will help you and support you reach to your goals!

Membership is monthly and participants can opt out at any time.